Thursday, May 7, 2009

Having a craft Party at home

If your kids are like mine, it is getting more competitive to have that special birthday party. We have had many endeavors ourselves, the last at a "monster' minature golf place that left several 5 year old girls clingy to me, and crying for thier momma's. This year I have talked my daughter into having it at home. Aside, from having to clean the back yard, remove the dogs, restrain the 3 year old, I am hopeful that it will be worth. I will def. post here and let you know how the Birthday Party turned out. I thought I would share though some helpful tips I have found, We are going to making a craft of course..

Step 1:
Look for crafts that match the theme of the party. At a princess birthday party everyone can decorate a crown and at a lady bug themed party, have the kids decorate a bug catcher.

Step 2:
Keep the age and ability of the guests in mind when choosing your crafts. You do not want crafts that is too complex for five-year-olds, who will easily become frustrated and you do not want crafts that are too easy and won't use up any of the allotted time. Have lots of help on hand. A great time to enlist the help of older siblings or a teenage neighbor.

Step 3:
Limit the number of choices to they have with the craft. Instead of laying out all the embellishements on the table, I gather a kit in cello bags for each child. Everyone has thier own stuff, glue etc. but can be shared.

Step 4:
Having more than one craft takes up more time and is more fun. Create stations so that the kids can go to different table to do different crafts at their own pace. Kids will get bored quickly if they are always waiting, but will appreciate it if there is always an activity for them to go to.

Step 5:
Plan to have at least one adult/older sibling at each station to explain the craft and to supervise. I would limit the crafts to 3.

Step 6:
Prepare the materials and have everything laid out ahead of time. The birthday party guests want to do the crafts, not wait for you to set them up.

Step 7:
Choose only projects that can be taken home that day. You do not want to wait for paint to dry or spend time delivering craft projects the day after the birthday party. Have the child or helper put their name on the bottom of thier craft.

Step 8
Give each child a large shopping style bag to take home thier goods. Tie on some curling ribbon before hand, and if you feel creative even add thier names.

ACMoore, has some great crafts starting at only 1.00 each, they often have an online coupon as well.